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IMI Mini-Printer

Mini Industrial Screen Printing Machine

Our best-selling product! Whether you’re running flat stock or 3D parts, the IMI Mini-Printer gives you speed and efficiency with superb control during operation. Don’t be fooled by the name or its space-saving design, the Mini-Printer delivers maximum performance, precision, and versatility. It's an industrial screen printing machine scaled down to a manageable size, perfect for your most demanding small part or sheet printing applications.

This mini screen printing machine can be fully customized to ensure that it perfectly suits your specific needs, which is one of the reasons it’s been so popular amongst small businesses and large businesses alike. It’s also surprisingly affordable for a machine that is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA (Jenison, MI). Contact Us today to learn more.


  • Extremely Versatile and Accurate

  • Microprocessor Controlled

  • Vertical Head Travel

  • One-Touch Registration Controls

  • CNC-Machined/Anodized Aluminum Construction

Fast & Easy to Use

The 2.8 second cycle time is one of the fastest in the industry, enabling the highest production of any semi-automatic press. The vertical lift design means you won’t waste time pushing the ink from the back of the screen (as with clamshell machines).  It also allows adjustments to all printing variables (such as off-contact, squeegee pressure, print speed, and registration) instantly and without tools.

Versatile & Upgradeable

In your fast-moving business, you need equipment that can respond to your needs now…and in the future. The computer-controlled IMI Mini-Printer answers the need with four built-in printing modes, infinite computer programmability, and a modular design. Many standard fixtures, feeders, programs, and options are available. We can also design just about any complementary device or fixture you may need to keep your Mini-Printer productive, regardless of what the future holds.

Precise by Design

The IMI Mini-Printer has built-in precision X, Y, and angular registration on the print head where it belongs. These controls have a unique auto-backlash design so there is no slop or creep during adjustment. Registration adjustments are recorded by three dial indicators reading out to .001”. The two-post design and heavy aluminum table and head give the machine the strength to hold close printing tolerances required for your application.

Quality Construction

We didn’t scrimp on materials when designing the IMI Mini-Printer. The table is made of a 3/4" thick ground aluminum plate. The print head is CNC machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum and black anodized for protection. It utilizes eight precision industrial linear bearings on hardened steel shafts, resulting in a system designed for hundreds of millions of cycles. The heavy-duty steel frame and electrical enclosure are powder coated. Quality materials and a great design add up to an unbeatable machine value.

IMI Mini-Printer Specs

  • The print head utilizes precision linear ball bearings on polished, hardened, and ground shafts rated at over 300 million cycles.

  • Precision X, Y, registration controls.

  • Optional automatic screen-locating clamps for “instant” set-ups.

  • The flood bar downward stroke is adjustable and operates alternately with the squeegee stroke.

  • Pneumatic squeegee pressure control.

  • Print speed is adjustable during operation via precision speed controls on the operator panel.

  • The screen carriage raises and lowers 10” pneumatically.

  • The vertical lift provides superior ink control and quick part thickness and off-contact changes.

  • All parts are precision machined from solid aluminum bar stock and anodized for protection.

  • Quick-change squeegee and flood bar.

  • Ground 3/4" thick aluminum top with space for clamping on sides, if desired.

  • Super flat, quick-change aluminum vacuum table.

  • 4” locking casters.

  • Air filter, regulator, and lubricator.

  • Adjustable speed controls for all cylinders.

  • The heavy-duty tubular steel framework and enclosures are powder coated for excellent durability.

  • The powerful programmable logic controller allows the addition of extra functions at a later date if desired.

  • Selectable vacuum first vs. automatic vacuum operation.

Max Print

10 x 9"

12 x 12"

18 x 17"

24 x 22"

Std Screen

12 x 16.3"

16 x 20.3"

18 x 23.3"

24 x 20"






Height: 54”  |   Weight: 220 lbs.

Electric: 115VAC, 60Hz, 5A  |  Air: 2 CFM @ 80 PSI

*Exact specs may vary. Some features are special order only.

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