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About us

Innovative Machines, Inc. was established in 1991 in Jenison, Michigan. In recent years, we have grown in scope of capabilities, and now include a far-reaching range of products to accommodate businesses and corporations of all sizes. With an ever-growing talent pool of design and machine-building professionals, plus support and office staff, Innovative Machines, Inc. continues to prove why we are one of the best industrial machine manufacturers in Michigan. We have the recourses and infrastructure to meet the most advanced and demanding manufacturing needs.

Corporate Goal

The corporate goal is "to make money honorably." All industrial machine manufacturers need to make money, so there's a lot of importance in the word 'honorably.' This means that our company needs to be moral and treat people right. We want a portion of our profits to go back into the community, as well as charitable projects like Abounding in Love (cleft lip and palate charity).


Innovative Machines strives to provide a pleasant environment where everyone is treated with respect, where people's ideas can be freely given and appreciated. All employees should have a reasonable wage, and no one should be working at the expense of their families/relationships or physical/mental health. We hope that everyone feels a sense of fulfillment by the work they do here.


We want to form partnerships with our customers and be an active part of their engineering teams. To do this, we need to deliver products that exceed expectations in productivity and reliability. 


We think it's more important to have quality products than to be big, but we also want to grow. Growth should be achieved not only through expansion of the current company, but through the creation of new companies as well.

Corporate Relationships

There is a synergistic relationship between Innovative Machines and Serviscreen. The companies assist each other and share resources in a way that's beneficial to everyone involved.


You have a process; we have a solution for it. Innovative Machines is qualified to develop new equipment because we are screen printers building equipment for screen printers. Thus, we understand the industry. As industrial machine manufacturers, we're proud to produce our own special brand of advanced equipment. We also custom outfit other brands of equipment that we sell.

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Serviscreen Corporation logo

Serviscreen Corporation is the sister company of Innovative Machines, Inc. Since 1960, they have been an essential provider of industrial finishing services in Jenison, Michigan. Their services include industrial screen printing, pad printing, wet spray painting, EMI RFI shield coating, laser marking, piston coating, and polyurea. 

Abounding in Love charity logo

Abounding in Love is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2013 by the Design Manager of Innovative Machines, Arlen Van Os. Their work is focused on helping Filipino children with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other medical conditions. Their beneficiaries come from extremely poor families who are unable to afford medical treatment. Abounding in Love has made it possible for close to 1,000 of these children to receive life-changing surgery for free. They have also built dozens of new homes following devastating typhoons in 2021 and 2013.

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Arlen Van Os

Starting at an early age, Arlen Van Os was blessed with ample opportunities to exercise his penchant for things mechanical. From its modest beginnings in a chicken coop to its current status as employer of nearly sixty employees in three facilities, his father's screen printing business, Serviscreen, was a valuable, hands-on learning environment for Arlen. Exposure to the use of industrial-type tools as well as the importance of ingenuity and hard work provided the impetus he needed to produce his first major invention as a high school senior.

Frequently bored with the traditional auditory method of classroom instruction, Arlen received permission to build a robot based on the book I, Robot in lieu of writing a series of book reports for his Science Fiction class. Constructed largely of discarded 'junk' scavenged from his father's business, walking talking Rogby the Robotoy was born.

From there, Arlen eventually graduated to designing and building special machines. After years of producing heavy-duty special machines, the business began to gravitate towards the screen printing industry. Then, increasingly frustrated with the lack of availability of good quality, affordable screen printing machinery, he ultimately began designing his own specialized line of equipment.

With the help of expert machinist and good friend Jerry Nelson, brilliant electronics and PLC specialist Hung Pham, and the financial assistance of Serviscreen and its affiliates, Arlen was able to create Innovative Machines, Inc. Today, the company continues to supply the screen printing industry with high-speed, precision equipment at reasonable prices.

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