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UV Curing Machines

Innovative Machines has been designing and manufacturing industrial UV curing machines for over two decades. Our portfolio ranges from stand-alone continuous process UV curing systems and customized UV curing solutions, to simple benchtop models for R&D work.

We manufacture both off-the-shelf product lines and custom UV curing equipment. Whatever your needs may be, we can find a solution! Feel free to contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Our Product Lines Include:

  • Stand-alone continuous process UV curing systems.

  • Benchtop models for short runs and lab work.

  • Integrated UV curing and automation.


Typical applications include screen-printed inks and adhesives. We offer standard industrial curing wavelengths (typically 365 or 395 nm) and less common wavelengths such as 265 nanometer germicidal UV-C.

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