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Membrane Laminators

by Innovative Machines

  • Industrial design ideal for 3M products

  • Designed for precut sheet

  • Unique nip-to-table design

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive lamination

  • Graphic overlay lamination

  • Membrane switch lamination

  • Appropriate for plastic, metal, glass

To laminate pressure-sensitive materials without air entrapment, wrinkles, or bubbles, the components must come together in a gradual manner and with sufficient force to expel the air between the components just before they adhere.


Most laminators are designed exclusively for a roll-to-roll application. The Membrane roller-to-table was designed for sheet-to-sheet applications. This makes it perfect for short runs, particularly the careful lamination of 3M pre-cut sheets.


The Membrane uses a servo-driven roller for precise lamination speed, and digital pressure control for repeatable lamination.


The laminating roll is completely covered by a pressure-sensitive steel guard. If a foreign object greater than 3/16 inch thick is encountered by the roller mechanism during its travel, the roller will stop immediately.

We offer two standard-size options (Membrane 200 & Membrane 300) as well as custom options to fit your needs.  

MEMBRAIN™ Laminator Features & Specs

  • CNC quality precision linear ball bearings

  • Front-to-back or back-to-front operation (speeds are independently adjustable)

  • Quick laminating pressure adjustments using Kip handles

  • Quick access to roller; the machine will not operate when guards are open

  • Quick change stroke adjustments

  • Aluminum-covered honeycomb vacuum table.

  • The heavy-duty tubular steel frame and enclosure are powder coated for excellent durability

  • Two large laminated work surfaces.

  • Air-powered "Coanda" type vacuum supply

  • Filter, regulator, lubricator, gauge, and air lock-out

  • Quick change laminating pressure adjustments

  • Heavy-duty leveling pads


Overall Size:

  • 200: 68" x 48" x 38"

  • 300: 78" x 48" x 38"

Weight: 400 lbs

Vacuum Area:

  • 200: 24" x 24"

  • 300: 30" x 24"

Roller Width:

  • 200: 24.5"

  • 300: 30.5"

Roller Diameter: 3.0"

Roller Lift: 1.0"

Adjustable Cycle Speed: 2-8 Seconds

Durometer: 70

Air: 92cfm @ 90 PSI

Power: 110VAC/60Hz/2A


Optional Equipment

  • Air-loaded Laminating Pressure: Laminating force is controlled by air pressure, laminating pressure is unaffected by part thickness due to progressive component stacking

  • Regenerative Vacuum Supply (½ HSP)

  • Non-Standard Equipment Sizes

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